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PBS Kranj

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Barbara Tavčar
PBS Kranj, Slovenia

„My love for movement has brought me up to the Body Technique, the unique physical training I am doing daily to keep up my shape; at the same time, it seems to me that, day after day, I am becoming a better person.I love the feeling that by following the thriving of PBS Body Technique, I help my clients. The confidence they have in me is my greatest award for my whole hard work.
I can say with certainty that Body Technique is much more than physical training – workout; it is the philosophy that has changed my views on body and life, and of all the people around me. I love such life.“


Barbara Tavčar, org.manager, born on November 11, 1979 in Kranj, has been always living for sport. She got acquainted with top sport in her early childhood. For five years whe was training skiing, followed by dancing. She gained her 8-9 year experience in the secondary school and as a student, acting as the instructor of aerobics.Afterwards she realised that most of the existing recreational activities are losing their basic goal, the goal being better psychophysical condition of the user, so she decided to look for her new path. She had her first encounter with Ana-Marija Jagodić Rukavina and Body Technique, after which, due to her growing interest for pilates, she decided for education. The knowledge and professionalism shared by Ana-Marija so unselfishly, continued education and upgrading of the Body Technique instructor were the reasons why Barbara opened her first franchise Pilates Body Studio in Slovenia, in 2004. Ever since she has been considered as the originator of Body Technique in Slovenia. In 2005 she enrolled for the education of master of Body Technique. This title authorises her to educate the next generations of body instructors. Eductions are performed in the PBS Centers of sport excellence in Kranj and Zagreb.

The PBS Center Kranj is open daily from 6.30 till 22.00, on Saturdays by appointment. She is adaptable to her clilents and their needs, offerring the following programmes:
• workout in small groups (up to 8 clients) with three intensity degrees
• fixed terms are offerred in the morning, afternoon and evening hours, in small groups, up to 4 clients
• individual programmes for recreational population, top sportsmen and persons with muscle-osteo desease and difficulties
• programme of manipulative-passive stretching and relaxation
• group and individual programme for pregnnt women and mothers with babies
• massage and relaxation treatments
• BHS workshops

PBS Pula

PBS Lokacije

Morena Poglajen Carić
PBS Pula

„Thirteen years have passed since my first encounter with the Body Technique. Learning, uncovering, cognition of human body, movement, mind, soul and the energy of hidden Universe that every human being possesses, developes and expresses in his unique way, by posture, movement and emotions, this is, what Body Technique, its philosophy and the method of workouot has brought to me personally, and much more to those to whom I am passing it on through my work. I am grateful for the moment of decision when I let the Body Technique guide my business journey. It is a life long wonderful and exciting experience bringing along all the time experience and knowledge which lie ahead of our times, making it possible to realise that the time spent on your work is not work but a challenge, passion and joy“.


Morena is a nurse. From her early childhood she was sharing her love for medical profession with the passion for dancing she was active in, and was teaching it in Pula and Pazin.In 1995 she discovered the world of fitness that connected all her interests with the love for body, movement and healthcare. After twelve years of experience and education for the occupation of fitness instructor, in 2004 she opened her center Sunset in Pula.

Due to changeable trends in recreational programmes of workout, the primary goal of recreation activity is frequently being neglected and completely lost; the primary goal being health improvement and preservation. Therefore, the encounter with Ana-Marija was a real discovery for Morena. The linkage of knowledge, technique of workout affecting all levels of health fitness, creativity and the necessity for continued upgrading of body instructors, were the trigger for opening the PBS Center of sport excellence in Pula in 2007.

The PBS Pula is open every day from 7.00 till 22.00, Saturdays by appointment. In order to meet the clients' needs, the following programmes are offered:
• workout in small, controlled groups of different intensity
• individual workout, in pair or in a small group up to four clients for all health problems, health promotion or a better controlled recreational approach to workout
• the programme of manipulative-passive relaxation
• specialized programmes for problems of incontinence, excessive weight gain, pregnant women, children, pain relief

PBS Hvar - summer destination

PBS Lokacije

Ana-Marija Jagodić Rukavina
PBS Hvar

„Revive your conscience with us, make use of nature energy and launch the process of revitalization of your organism. Visit our page for more information and programmes“.


The PBS summer camp is situated on the most beautiful beaches of the Adriatic Sea, the camp Grebišće, Jelsa. It is designed for regeneration, eneergy boosting and healling of organism worn out by business obligations during the year. The Body Technique we are offerring is an original Croatian way of workout, which was registered and protected at the Institute of Intellectual Property of the Republic Croatia.The Body Technique is being practiced in Croatia, Slovenia, Greece, Italy, Austria an Serbia. All activities are performed outdoor, by the sea and in the sea with diversified requisites and gadgets. Our intention was to bring you close to yourself, i.e. to the natural needs of your body in the landscape full of beautiful colours, odours, views and sounds. It is the best place and moment to finally do something for yourself; learn how to breathe, relieve your spine from tensions and pain, learn how to relax and maybe you will dance again. All our programmes are focused on the active and passive start up of your vital energy and detoxication of your organism, boosting your immunity and your working capacity. The results are noticeable immediately, visible by your posture, for it is an indicator of your vitality.

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What do our clients say?

Jadranka Boban Peić
Business woman
The workout with Ana-Marija is an experience surpassing conventional experience of workout. Her every class is approached in a comprehensie way and she is completely devoted to her work which induces fantastic feelings. It is the quality which is probably rarely found worldwide.
Simonida Veber
My first visit to the PBS set off a chain reaction – physical, chemical and emotional. It was attraction which developed into need and finally into love. The energy I have been acquiring for 13 years, is irreplaceable.
Slavenka Martinović
The Body Technique is my technique, the technique for me, in all phases and situations of my life. When I have too much energy or I lack some, my dear instructors recognise it and adjust my training accordingly, after which I am always full of positive energy, good will, and fulfilled.... The Body Technique has been my choice for more than 12 years.
Goga Šepec
I started visiting the PBS in 2011, and ever since I have been compensating my daily obligations and accummulated stress through the Body Technique workout together with my sister, in pair. After my accident on skiing in January 2017 and my knee surgery, today I am happy that I am supplementing my rehabilitation programme in the same center, with the training on the Biodex machine under supervision and leadership of the persons I trust.