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If you want a complete checkout of your body you have to make an appointment for consultations, whether you want to join the PBS center only for recreational purposes, or you have some problems.In consultations you will get somewhat different view of yourself, with regard to the clinical picture and case history of your previous status. We are regarding you as a unique selfrestoring sample, who cannot belong to the same group of drugs, excercises or nourishment. In other words, your body indicates the health state differring from the medical finds.

Ana-Marija will examine you from bottom to top, and based on your posture, moving, breathing, aching spots on your body and behaviour, she will uncover the most frequent reasons of your problems and offer clear solutions for the betterment of your complete health state. After the consultations you will have the clear picture and motivation for working on yourself. There is always hope, as well as solution.

It's time for Detox!
Special programme for body detoxication

If you feel tired, exhausted and without motivation, we recommend out special educational programme for intelligent body cleansing, without aggressive diets and over workout. The programme consists of individual consultations with Ana- Marija Jagodić Rukavina, one month of workout in a small group (three times a week) and one sauna-organic treatment.

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What do our clients say?

Jadranka Boban Peić
Business woman
The workout with Ana-Marija is an experience surpassing conventional experience of workout. Her every class is approached in a comprehensie way and she is completely devoted to her work which induces fantastic feelings. It is the quality which is probably rarely found worldwide.
Simonida Veber
My first visit to the PBS set off a chain reaction – physical, chemical and emotional. It was attraction which developed into need and finally into love. The energy I have been acquiring for 13 years, is irreplaceable.
Slavenka Martinović
The Body Technique is my technique, the technique for me, in all phases and situations of my life. When I have too much energy or I lack some, my dear instructors recognise it and adjust my training accordingly, after which I am always full of positive energy, good will, and fulfilled.... The Body Technique has been my choice for more than 12 years.
Goga Šepec
I started visiting the PBS in 2011, and ever since I have been compensating my daily obligations and accummulated stress through the Body Technique workout together with my sister, in pair. After my accident on skiing in January 2017 and my knee surgery, today I am happy that I am supplementing my rehabilitation programme in the same center, with the training on the Biodex machine under supervision and leadership of the persons I trust.