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Kinesiology academy of Body technique

The Kinesiology Academy of Body Technique was launched in 2006 designed for the expansion of a complex educational programme of the Body Technique. The candidates in the upgrading programme for the occupation of body instructor are acquiring comprehensive knowledge of basic and professional courses. The teaching programme consists of seven separate unities ( one theoretical and six practical ones) and teaching is carried out during weekends in small groups. After the completion of single teaching item candidates are provided with a certificate permitting them obligatory professional practice in their own room in the frame of central and franchise studying.

Our lecturers are focused on an open and dedicated transfer of knowledge to the students of different occupations. Individual adjustment is successfully achieved in small groups up to 10 students.After the successful completion of all seven educational items, the students apply for the final exam of theoretical and practical knowledge, thus acquiring the title of body instructor.With the degree of the Kinesiology Academy the body instructor works up to the standards of Body Technique which is certified by the Faculty of Kinesiology of the University of Zagreb and the degree of education is on the level of secondary school and is registered in the employment record card (Decree issued by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport, class: UP/I-602-07/06-01/0004; reg. No.533-09-07-0007).

Teaching programme

Kinesiology academy of Body technique
Kinesiology academy of Body technique
Kinesiology academy of Body technique

Teaching programme

The teaching programme consists of hundred hours, and it is organized in seven inseparable teaching items which are taught through seventy hours, within the period of 18 to 20 months, with the accent on practical knowledge and skills, as well as on thirty hours of practical trainings which are obligatory while attending practical items. Individual progress depends on student's practical knowledge, as well as on the speed and capacity of mastering new issues.

Teaching items

0. Theoretical basis of professional courses
1. Body Technique basics
2. Body Technique basics with weights and wooden sticks and gadgets
3. Body Technique basics with balls
4. „Body Slim“ programme with spinning bicycles and accupressure gadget
5. Advanced body course with elastic resistance
6. Body Technique for specific population (children, adolescents and pregnant women)

The price of teaching programme

The payment for every teaching item has to be made prior to the date of teaching agreed upon which amounts 2.000 kn.
Payments have to be made on the transfer account of Kinesiology Academy of Body Technique, reference No 2340009-241795 with reference to number of permit (OIB) and the way of payment.
The price includes the professional manual of Body Technique, professional book of the master thesis of the innovator, and final exam, the date of which is defined in advance for each generation.

In case of postponing the first term of exam,the next one costs additional 400,00 kn. The required literature ( beside the film „Basics of Body Technique“) of the teaching programme is the book „ Body Techique-the unique way of workout“ and a set of brochures „Body Technique workout for a perfect belly, buttocks and legs“, by Ana-Marija Jagodić Rukavina.

The licence of Body instructor

Licenca Body instruktora

Procedure of licence renewal

A student attending the upgrading programme receives the title of body instructor
• after he had passed the theoretical part of basic courses in compliance with the Body Technique teaching plan and programme;
• after he had attended all degrees of practical upgrading programme;
• after he had successfully accomplished his practice independently and under supervision, according to the Kinesiology Academy teaching plan and programme of Body Technique
• after he had passed the theoretical-practical exam in front of examining board of Kinesiology Academy of Body Technique;

The licence of a body instructor is valid 2 years from its issuing, which means that its renewal is required upon expiring. The body instructor's status is proved by the card with a valid stamp for the period of two years, issued by the Kinesiology Academy of the Body Technique upon passing final exam together with the certificate of upgrading. Note: for issuing the certificate it is necessary to enclose to application form the following documents: secondary school certificate, certificate of Croatian citizenship and birth certificate. During 24 months a body instructor must attend and actively participate in additional professional educations organized by the Kinesiology Academy of Body Technique - the principle of points accummulation.

For licence renewal it is necessary to accummulate 12 points. Every instructor may accummulate more points than required for licence renewal. If a body instructor has accummulated more points than required, only 2 points can be carried over to the quota for the next teaching cycle.

Evaluation of additional professional educations

1. Theoretical-practical workshops, 2 points
2. Body day (once a year), 1 point
3. Convention, 3 points
4. Franchise camp (for franchise staff only), once annually, 3 points
5. Seminar for licence renewal (once a year), compulsory! 3 points


KUBT Edukacije

Time-table of educations

All those wishing for investment into knowledge can choose between:

1. a two-year verified upgrading programme for the title of body instructor, and/or
2. intensive one-day (or weekend) workshops which are focused on practice and can be an excellent supplement to any sport area, recreation or rehabilitation you are engaged in. The subjects are divided throughout the annual calendar, comprising workshops for maximal utilization of a gadget, for introduction of therapeutical approach to a single joint system, and for optimal programming of functional training.