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Stress and physical tension are inevitable in today's world, so activities that you can enjoy here include not only physical exercise but also revitalizing massages to improve your inner and outer wellbeing. Avail yourselves of healing body treatments to regain your energy and recover from balance disorders.

PBS masaže, tretmani i terapije

Sports Massage

Sports massage reduces all harmful and undesired side effects of intense physical exercise. All training programs should include this type of massage on a rational and continuous basis.

PBS masaže, tretmani i terapije

Classical Massage

Light massage with somewhat softer effects than a sports massage. Long strokes stimulate circulation, reduce stress and muscle pain.

PBS masaže, tretmani i terapije

Anti Cellulite Massage

Anti cellulite massage penetrates deep into the tissue with the goal of reducing the number of fat cells and improving blood circulation; it helps restore elasticity and tone to connective tissue while it also stimulates the excretion of waste products from the organism.

PBS masaže, tretmani i terapije

Hot Stone

This outstanding therapy uses stones formed by sedimentation of minerals and volcanic activities. Due to thermal conductivity (heat transfer), not only do they warm the body parts currently being treated, but also create changes in the whole body and in energy centres responsible for the balance between body and mind.

PBS masaže, tretmani i terapije

Lipo-X Treatments

Lipo Gel is a preparation containing caffeine, theophylline and guarana which has an amazing effect of dissolving fat in cells resulting in reduced body circumference and body shape changes. The treatment consists of applying Lipo Gel to the skin, wrapping the body in an electric blanket and an anti cellulite massage.

PBS masaže, tretmani i terapije

Release treatment

With light clothing on, and no oil applied, it is an excellent treatment for relieving pain in your back and neck, for removing stiffenning, headache, cramps and similar conditions, because by releasing your fascia your joints are released, as well; at the same time it rejuvenates your complete locomotor system correcting your poor posture and improving your joint mobility.


PBS masaže, tretmani i terapije


An ultrasound machine can be used for both cosmetic and therapeutic purposes. Therapeutic ultrasound refers to the application of ultrasound energy to curative purposes. Depending on how it is applied (either continuous or pulsed), its thermal and non-thermal effects are being used. With continuous ultrasound the affected area is heated, muscle spasms are reduced, tissue regeneration is enhanced (the elasticity of collagen tissue is increased) and, consequently, the feeling of pain is reduced. With pulsed ultrasound, however, non-thermal effects are achieved, that is the tissue is not heated, so this method enables us to use ultrasound even for acute injuries.

The effects of therapeutic ultrasound are mechanical, thermal and biochemical. It is used in the management of soft tissue disfunctions, including joint contractures, scar tissue, degenerative joint changes, the inflammation of fluid-filled sacs in the joints, spasm and pain in skeletal muscles, inflamed tendons, painful spinal conditions, sports injuries.

For cosmetic purposes, continuous ultasound is used at a frequency of up to 1500 kHz. By means of an ultrasonic probe, the beams are directed to cellulite-stricken areas, where they provoke vibrations and make reflections in the tissue, resulting in enhanced biological activity. This energy produces thermal effects as well as it induces melting of fat, stimulates draining of excess liquids, fosters the regeneration of the skin, improves blood circulation, thereby helping to noticeably reduce cellulite.

PBS masaže, tretmani i terapije


Laser radiation is a form of light therapy, i.e. intensification of light by means of stimulated radiation energy. It is applied therapeutically by rheumatical deseases such as tendinitis, inflammation of tendon membrane, by aching shoulder and elbow (tennis) syndromes, painful muscle conditions, by rheumatical arthritis and others. The effects of laser therapy are better microcirculation and stimulation of cell metabolism which contribute to the reduction of pain and inflammation.


This therapy uses electrical energy to decrease painful conditions, eliminate inflammatory processes, improve blood circulation and quickly regenerate the affected area. Electrotherapy forces dilatation of blood vessels and stimulates better blood and lymph circulation, which favourably affects metabolism in tissue and speeds up the process of rehabilitation. Beside its analgetic effects, some forms of electrotherapy stimulte the regeneration of peripheral nerves and bone healing (osteogenesis). In our center we apply electrostimulation therapy as a supplementary therapy together with the Biodex isokinetic machine, most frequently by acute joint hypomobility, by severe lesions, post-surgical conditions and by weakened muscles as a result of long immobilisation.

Package of excellence
for a top sportsman

You are unsatisfied with your sport results, you often get injured, you cannot cope with ever growing sport requirements. Maybe you are doing something in the wrong way and are not aware of it ? Or, you simply cannot recuperate after a workout. You can find the answers to all your questions in our Pilates Body Center. We suggest a complete check-up of your body with excellent Biodex diagnostics.

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What do our clients say?

Jadranka Boban Peić
Business woman
The workout with Ana-Marija is an experience surpassing conventional experience of workout. Her every class is approached in a comprehensie way and she is completely devoted to her work which induces fantastic feelings. It is the quality which is probably rarely found worldwide.
Simonida Veber
My first visit to the PBS set off a chain reaction – physical, chemical and emotional. It was attraction which developed into need and finally into love. The energy I have been acquiring for 13 years, is irreplaceable.
Slavenka Martinović
The Body Technique is my technique, the technique for me, in all phases and situations of my life. When I have too much energy or I lack some, my dear instructors recognise it and adjust my training accordingly, after which I am always full of positive energy, good will, and fulfilled.... The Body Technique has been my choice for more than 12 years.
Goga Šepec
I started visiting the PBS in 2011, and ever since I have been compensating my daily obligations and accummulated stress through the Body Technique workout together with my sister, in pair. After my accident on skiing in January 2017 and my knee surgery, today I am happy that I am supplementing my rehabilitation programme in the same center, with the training on the Biodex machine under supervision and leadership of the persons I trust.