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PBS Centar sportske izvrsnosti

Beside workout, in the PBS Center you can choose one of the programmes of massage and body treatment in today's hasty and stressed way of life. The PBS Center of sport excellence, founded by Ana Marija and Tomislav Rukavina in 2003, is an institution in which functional workout for the obtaining optimal shape and health of all age groups is performed. Apart from the classical pilates machines and other sport equipment and gadgets (disc-o-sit, rollers, mini skateboards, gravity, hoops etc), the Body Technique offers over 3000 different excercises designed by the highly experienced instructors according to standards strictly prescribed by the technique. Consequently, every training with our client is programmed differently to achieve high quality- and quick upgrading of antropological, physiological, functional and psychomotoric dimensions of the body.

Apart from the activities mentioned above, the Body Center offers diagnostics and rehabilitation of muscle-joint systems, ultrasound treatments, laser and electrotherapy, professional consultations, workshops and the complete educational programme of Kinesiology Academy of body technique. The PBS Center is, to our clilents, the place where their workout is pleasure because it meets individual wishes and needs in a comfortable and friendly environment .In distinction from many other noisy fitness centers the PBS Center of sport excellence is the place for rehabilitation, recreation and sport where our body instructors are adjusted to clients' needs by every workout in a different way.

Franchise business

PBS Franchise business

It is believed that franchise business is one of the fastest growing form of business, which is one reason more in favour of going into such system.

About franchise

As the answer to many inquiries and questions by the people interested in the practicing of Body Technique work out and opening their own studios for recreation, rehabilitation and workout, the PBS launched the project of issuing franchises. Our idea is to establish the network of franchise studios in bigger towns in Croatia, as well as internationally, in Slovenia, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and other countries, with the intention of promoting the unique way of Body Technique workout.

Today, in the world of business, franchise is considered to be the safest way of doing successful business. Every six minutes in the world a new franchise is being issued. By doing business in this way, the independence of the firm using franchise and its legal entity are retained. At the same time the firm can start new business already checked out, which offers high probability of reimbursement of the invested funds.

Why to choose PBS franchise ?

By joining the franchise chain of the PBS Center of sport excellence, the firm gets the well established methods of making business that have been developing through years, and have been accepted and recognised on the market of healing and recreation.

The PBS Center of sport excellence is implementing the complete Body Technique educational programme at the Kinesiology Academy of Body Technique verified by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport.

The PBS is interested in acquiring new partners of high qualilty in the promotion of health and body shape. Running the franchise center is a special challenge for anyone wishing to experience entrepreneurship backed up by a well-known acknowledged partner dedicated to achieving excellence in the field of recreation, rehabilitation and sport

Business to business services (B2B)

PBS Franšizno poslovanje

You are a part of fitness industry but you want to introduce something new into your business. You have invested money in the complex of sport-recreation-wellness programmes, but you do not know where to start. You are redecorating a hotel but you do not want to offer to your guests and clients already well-known „copy-paste“ of beauty & spa programme ! These are the questions to which the PBS professionals offer original solutions. It is a well- known fact that your investment in a wellness spa center will not be reimbursed by the facilities like sauna or swimming pool. It will be reimbursed only by specially designed programmes adjusted to every single client and his needs. Therefore, the responsibility of an instructor or therapist, to whose hands the client's body is laid, is invaluable, so that investing into instructors, knowledge is actually, the key to success. We are ready to offer to you the complete know-how in defining the programme and contents of your investment, as well as help you out with choosing and educating of your staff. We are proud to mention that we have successfully taken part in the projects of big Croatian companies, like Hidrocommerce from Zagreb and Jadranka hotels from Mali Lošinj.

Package of excellence
for a top sportsman

You are unsatisfied with your sport results, you often get injured, you cannot cope with ever growing sport requirements. Maybe you are doing something in the wrong way and are not aware of it ? Or, you simply cannot recuperate after a workout. You can find the answers to all your questions in our Pilates Body Center. We suggest a complete check-up of your body with excellent Biodex diagnostics.

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What do our clients say?

Jadranka Boban Peić
Business woman
The workout with Ana-Marija is an experience surpassing conventional experience of workout. Her every class is approached in a comprehensie way and she is completely devoted to her work which induces fantastic feelings. It is the quality which is probably rarely found worldwide.
Simonida Veber
My first visit to the PBS set off a chain reaction – physical, chemical and emotional. It was attraction which developed into need and finally into love. The energy I have been acquiring for 13 years, is irreplaceable.
Slavenka Martinović
The Body Technique is my technique, the technique for me, in all phases and situations of my life. When I have too much energy or I lack some, my dear instructors recognise it and adjust my training accordingly, after which I am always full of positive energy, good will, and fulfilled.... The Body Technique has been my choice for more than 12 years.
Goga Šepec
I started visiting the PBS in 2011, and ever since I have been compensating my daily obligations and accummulated stress through the Body Technique workout together with my sister, in pair. After my accident on skiing in January 2017 and my knee surgery, today I am happy that I am supplementing my rehabilitation programme in the same center, with the training on the Biodex machine under supervision and leadership of the persons I trust.