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Body Technique in the school hall!
Pupils of Primary school Ivan Gundulić in Zagreb had opportunity to learn about a very important habits, proper posture, sitting and breathing. We believe that this type of cooperation will enable a significant shift in the health education of our children in the future. The meeting was photographed so click on the photo gallery and see how it was.

Education schedule for 2017
Dear education participants, education schedule is rearranged, in the submenu Academy. Now you can see which educations in 2017. are in front of us, so you can plan your academic obligations. Thank you for your trust and pleasant cooperation. See you after the summer break. Enjoy your holiday
Download PDF.
New education schedule for 2016.
We are pleased to announce you new practical workshops and professional seminars in the fields of sport, recreation and rehabilitation for 2016. We expect you in PBS Center, Jurkovićeva 19. Read more HERE, and for other information please contact us by phone 01 4621 456 or email


Sit on your heels with sitting bones exactly above your feet, put the extended arms behind the body and lean on your fists.
1. Inhale and lift the hips while pressing knees together.
2. Exhale and return to the starting position.
3. Repeat exercise 6 times.

Make sure your head is aligned with the spine, your knees strongly pressed together while lifting your hips. You'll feel the stretching of anterior thigh, pelvis and chest area. If you have knee problems, do the exercise from an elevated hip position.