What is Isokinetics?

Isokinetics is a concept which was developed in the 60s in the USA. It gives us the opportunity to measure the strength of your muscles in a completely safe way. For a long time isokinetic measurements were only intended for professional athletes in recovery, and today they are done in a recreational population across all age groups.
Furthermore, the result of the measurement shows us the strength ratio of certain muscle groups at different angular velocities. The reciprocal muscle group ratio in a certain joint is a major pre-condition for normal joint function. As the imbalance in certain muscle groups increases,


so increases the risk of a muscle strain, which consequently can damage the bone-joint system. We can measure muscle strength for all the joints (knee, trunk, shoulder, ankle, etc.). Besides measuring, the isokinetic machine can be used to do exercises. None of the most common types of exercise has such a strong influence on muscle strength as an isokinetic exercise, because it is the only one that evenly overloads the muscle throughout the entire range of motion. This is exactly the reason why exercise training on isokinetic machines is used to increase muscle strength and to remove imbalances detected by measurements.


Biodex System 3 Pro

At Biodex diagnostic centre we use the Biodex System Pro 3, an isokinetic device which is renowned for being one of the most sophisticated machines in the world. The System Pro 3 offers several modes of operation.
The Isokinetic mode provides muscular overload through the entire range of motion.
The Isotonic mode allows velocity to vary while providing inertia-free constant force and concentric or eccentric muscular contractions.
The Isometric mode aims to train the muscle groups against an opposing force of resistance during which no appreciable joint movement takes place.
The Passive mode is a multi-function modality which allows for safe exercise while combining isometric, concentric and eccentric contractions.
The Reactive eccentric mode is for sub-maximal neuromuscular re-education. .

Biodex Balance System SD

The Biodex Balance System has been designed to meet the needs of everyone looking to improve balance, increase agility, develop muscle tone and treat a wide variety of pathologies. Balance System allows testing and training in both static and dynamic formats. Using this unique device, the therapist can assess neuromuscular control by quantifying the ability to maintain dynamic bilateral and unilateral postural stability on a static or unstable surface.
The device can also be used to identify candidates predisposed to injury and in rehabilitation it is used to activate core stabilizers, which are essential in preventing injury.

Biodex Gait Trainer 2

The Gait Trainer 2™ is the only treadmill with an instrumented deck that monitors and records step length, step speed and right to left time distribution (step symmetry). Gait analysis data can be used for rehabilitation purposes and allow evaluation of running and walking abnormalities among athletes and recreational sportspeople. Clients are motivated by the real-time audio and visual biofeedback. They are prompted into proper gait patterns; step length, step speed and step symmetry. The Gait Trainer 2 enables you to use uphill or downhill walking and jogging function to emphasize specific muscle groups or movements.

Measurements and exercise

The measurement results are analysed by kinesiology specialists with Ana-Marija Jagodić Rukavina, M. A. head of the team. Check the condition of your muscular system. After the measurements are completed, our team of experts will give you tips on how to properly work out. We are going to pinpoint which muscle groups you need to strengthen and what exercises are best suited for your current physical condition, be it isokinetic exercises on Biodex system 3 Pro (the best in case of notable muscle imbalances in your knee, ankle, shoulder or hip) or workout in our studio with Body instructors using special machines and tools for good and completely safe exercise. It is possible to track improvements in your muscle-joint system through regular testing.

Contact address

Biodex Diagnostic Centre
Jurkovićeva 19, Zagreb
Tel: 01 4621 455
E-mail: info@pbs.com.hr


"Substantial collaboration between PBS Centre and the Croatian Association of Ski Instructors and Coaches has shown that by applying new exercise methods and with sophisticated machinery we will be better prepared to meet new ski challenges..."
Dag Modrić, B.A.
Chairman of the Croatian Association of Snow Sport Instructors and Coaches
"The targeted training program I went through with the help of Biodex technology and the PBS team of experts helped me a great deal to treat my right knee injury..."
Marino Baždarić, Cedevita Basketball team captain
"I suffered from chronic pain in the area around my right knee cap and now it is gone as a result of Biodex testing, a correct diagnosis made by PBS Kinesiology experts and through strengthening the four-headed muscle in my right knee. Thanks a lot!"
Luka Dobrinić, ski coach, the Croatian Paralympic Committee