• Body Technique is a new kinesiology activity that has been getting
    more attention over the last decade in the field of sports,
    recreation and rehabilitation.

The Body Technique was innovated some fifteen years ago by the Master of Arts in Kinesiology Ana-Marija Jagodić Rukavina, while working with a client who, as the CEO of a big company, lived a fast-paced life, dealing with high levels of stress on a daily basis.
The results of her work and the quality of the Body Technique are evidenced by the fact that this technique has been taught at the Faculty of Kinesiology in Zagreb through scientific and research papers as well as the bachelor and master's degree theses.
All Body Technique exercises are therapeutic, and have their origin in several well-known exercise methods (classical Pilates, gymnastics, dance, yoga). Yet they are completely different from anything we have seen until now.

The Body technique is ideal for all kinds of people who love energetic workouts in a safe and therapy-oriented way. If you strive to have a well-shaped, functional and healthy body, and you don't have enough time, the Body technique is your optimal choice because you will work efficiently on all the components of physical fitness in a short period of time. The Body technique is adaptable to all characteristics and conditions of men, women, children, adolescents, pregnant and breastfeeding women, senior citizens and the disabled.
The Body technique is a registered and protected form of exercise by the State Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Croatia. It is practiced in Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

What is new in the Body Technique in comparison with the classical Pilates?

It is a method that is constantly changing and is looking into new ways to exercise. The basic differences are:
1. Standing posture
2. Higher level and dynamics of exercising
3. More dynamic and more natural breathing
4. More than 3000 different exercises
5. Versatile and entertaining workouts
6. Adaptability to modified rehabilitative, recreational and fitness approach
7. Fitness development – fitness body workout
8. Burning more calories – Body slim program
9. More than 20 different accessories
10. Body bike exercise program - Body spinning
11. Exercise program to increase lymph flow
12. Anti-gravity Body technique workout

Ana-Marija Jagodić Rukavina

Allow me to introduce myself briefly. I consider myself a pretty intuitive person who enjoys being outdoors surrounded by nature. I'm a family person trying my best to be a good mom, a wife, a sister, a daughter and a friend, all roles I love equally. As I'm doing my best to live a balanced life, I try not to betray myself and let go of my desires along the way. I am grateful for every single day and I've learnt to enjoy the little things in life because they really are the big things after all. Fifteen years ago I introduced the Body Technique, a method of exercise that gets the best out of our body and gives it the stimulus it needs to continuously evolve, giving us insight into this perfect machine down to the smallest detail. I'm so happy that my clients and my fellow Body instructors place their trust in me and always show a willingness to take on new challenges. My job, or to put it more precisely, my mission in life is to help all of you who want to take responsibility for your health but you don't know where to start. Your pharmacist cannot teach you the steps you need to take to get in good physical shape, to gain strength or improve vitality. Nor can you learn it at the gym or by doing a course of some sort. Personally, I'm constantly learning and working on myself; it really fulfils me and makes me a better person.

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We are offering two basic types of Body Technique exercises (individual and group), which our clients are directed to after completing the Internet questionnaire (fill in the questionnaire online!). Absolute beginners and people with health problems are kindly asked to make an appointment with Ana-Marija Jagodić Rukavina for her consultation hours, in order to assess an individual's fitness level and possible physical imbalances (please send your request to: anamarija@pbs.com.hr).

Individual programs

The individual program, after you have booked your lesson, implies workout on specially designed machines and tools for optimal and completely safe exercise training. Individual workouts of 60 minutes are highly recommended for all age groups because the aims and tasks of each lesson are designed according to your desires, health status, age and physical fitness. Workouts consist of the Body spinning program, apparatus training in the constant presence of instructors and the passive relaxation towards the end.
Once you have mastered the basic Body exercises, you are ready for an independent training at home with our book and/or to get to a higher level of psychophysically more demanding tasks with your instructor in the studio. There are three approaches to the Body technique whose intensity depends on your health status as well as on your needs:

1. Therapy-oriented individual program (if you have back pain, bad posture or a joint injury).
It starts with an initial consultation with Mrs. Jagodić Rukavina. Then, if need be, you will undergo Biodex Isokinetic muscle testing to assess any imbalances that might be the cause of joint pain. Subsequently there will be two or three individual sessions with the Body instructor. You can expect visible results soon after 2 to 4 sessions.

2. Recreation-oriented individual program (for physical fitness and weight loss)
The best results are obtained by combining individual and group lessons, from three to four times per week. For healthy eating guidelines, based on personal characteristics, please ask for a consultation with Mrs. Jagodić Rukavina.

3. Sports-oriented individual program (for optimal functioning and peak physical form)
Individual approach to each and every client enables us to meet the demands of your particular sport. If you are an active sportsman, one to two individual sessions per week at PBS Centre will be enough. In case you don't play a particular sport and still want to regain your old fitness level, four to five sessions per week will suffice to bring you back to your peak performance in two to three months time.

Group programs

1. Basic group programs imply 45 minutes of continuous training in small homogeneous groups of up to 8 people.
Each time we change the props we exercise with, in order to satisfy the principle of versatility and fun while exercising. It is highly recommended for people who have had some previous experience of the Body Technique, Pilates, yoga, aerobics, dance or any other activity, apart from those complaining of some kind of pain or illness. If you haven't tried the Body Technique yet, and want to exercise with a group, you should have an individual lesson first to learn how to move your body properly according to the Body Technique principles.

2. Specific group programs lasting 60 minutes in small groups of 3 to 5 people.

Body technique for pregnancy
The program is tailored to meet the needs of pregnant women . You can request an individual lesson or exercise with a small group of other pregnant women. It is suitable for all three stages of pregnancy. Our approach is unique because it aims to activate your muscles and tone your body, correct your posture, get rid of back pain, maintain your physical fitness level and prevent excessive weight gain.

Body technique for children – PBS Junior program
The program is meant for school children from 6 to 16 and is aimed at correcting bad posture and raising awareness of the muscles responsible for moving the body in everyday life and during sports activities. Children's programs are a great addition to school activities which lack focus on basic movements in our daily life (how to squat properly, lunge, lift and carry loads safely, do a proper push up...) with particular emphasis on proper posture while sitting and standing. This program may be added to any sports activity because the exercises are then modified according to specific movement structures inherent in sport. If you want to learn more about this program, click HERE.


Ana-Marija Jagodić Rukavina, who holds an M.A. in Kinesiology, offers a 30-minute consultation with clients who need some practical advice. She analyses your posture and spinal deformities, directs and supervises proper execution of exercises, develops training programs, provides guidelines for healthy eating and the like. Consultation hours: by arrangement.
If you want to book a consultation, please briefly describe your reasons for contacting us and reserve your appointment online: anamarija@pbs.com.hr and/or by telephone: 01/4621 456.


The questionnaire will help you choose the program that meets your body's needs without causing unnecessary stress.
Select either A or B as the answer that best describes you:

Aa person under 45
Ba person of 45 and over

AI am healthy and not injured at the moment
BI have occasional or constant health issues

AI have been physically active (2-3 times per week) for a long period of time
BI am rarely physically active, with periods of complete inactivity

AI am happy with my weight or I am a few kilos overweight (2-4),
  but it hasn't changed significantly in a long time
BMy weight is inadequate (underweight/overweight) and it causes me problems in my daily life

AI consider myself to be coordinated and agile
BI think I'm not into sports, so exercise doesn't give me a lot of pleasure

AI have a sedentary job and sometimes I feel pain in my neck and back
BI have back pain, which makes it hard for me to move, get up in the morning and function at work

AI feel compelled to exercise and usually I do the very best I can
BI think exercise is too hard and boring, so I need some motivation and
  encouragement while working out

AI have already tried various activities (aerobics, yoga, classical Pilates and the like)
  but I tend to get bored with them rather quickly
BWhen exercising in group, it bothers me that, without being under the close supervision of an instructor,
  I do my exercises the wrong way. At the same time, if I exercise on my own
  at home or at a gym, I'm not motivated enough

AI'd like to perform Body technique exercises as a recreational activity, to maintain my health
  and preserve my fitness
BI'd like to do the Body technique as an addition to an already active sports or rehabilitation program

AI am willing and able to have a regular exercise plan
BI may not be able to stick to a regular exercise plan because of my work and travel schedule

Add up your answers A and B and you'll find out which workout program is perfect for you at PBS Centre:

• 7-10 answers A ‒ choose a fixed-schedule group program 2-3 times a week

• 3-6 answers A ‒ we recommend 2-4 individual lessons after which you can join the group program 2 times a week

• 3-6 answers B ‒ combine the group workout plan 2 times a week with individual lessons 2-4 times a month

• 7-10 answers B ‒ an individual workout plan 1-2 times a week is best for you