Gyrotonic® ‒ the system of activation
of energy and holistic therapy
of the body's systems

First Gyrotonic studio in Croatia within the PBS Centre for sports excellence, where you might find different approach to move and get aware of your body.

Effects (how it works))

• increases blood and lymph circulation
• improves elimination and absorption processes at the organic and cellular level
• improves mobility in all joints and your spine
• stimulates, strenghtens and balances your whole system, be it neurological, endocrinological, cardiorespiratory, muscular or bone and joint system
• improves your intellectual perception and composure
• improves harmony and balance in your body's energy flow
• achieves better tissue oxygenation and regeneration
• improves flexibility, strength, coordination and injury prevention

Who needs Gyrotonic?
Individuals in search of new energy, new identity and a feeling of inner peace and overall well being. For those who want to improve their condition in rehabilitation, recreation, top-level sports and dance but above all for people struggling to cope with stress and hectic lifestyle.
Why Gyrotonic?
Because it enhances the body's intrinsic ability to heal itself as well as homeostasis, and it does so in a rhythmic, harmonious and spiritual way through movement. Rhythmic and fluid movements generate breathing patterns, the result of which is the stimulation of our neurological, circulatory, respiratory and lymphatic system, thus contributing to the well-being of all practitioners of this method. Your best medicine is to understand the signs your body is trying to tell you. We are all different, and with this method we open the door for your body to do exactly where, in what way and to which extend it is needed.
When to use Gyrotonic?
For strenghtening the entire body, when you feel like you are standing still both physically and emotionally, your health is stuck in a rut or you are already sick. For rehabilitation purposes or as an addition to the healing process following an injury or some sort of medical treatment, or as a precautonary measure to avoid injuries. Take a break from your daily routine, and indulge in a 60 minute all-inclusive therapy session to get mentally and physically fit.


Gyrotonic® kick-starts your energy and heals your aching joints

The new exercise system, founded in 1980 by a Hungarian-born Juliu Horvath, represents a modern approach to removing physical blockages by means of harmonious, fluid and subtle movements of the whole body. The innovator created it intuitively - by listening to his body's needs. At the peak of his dancing career he suffered an Achilles' tendon injury, which made him turn over a new leaf. At that point, it was the yoga leaf for the injured Juliu, in which he found a new dimension to his physical existence and discovered the power of the inner movement. He didn't return to dance, however; he started to pass on his unique discovery of how the body actually moves to the people around him.

Much to everyone's surprise, he gradually started to set up a series of mat exercises which he called Yoga for Dancers back then. Today, however, these exercises are called Gyrokinesis and are based on the principle of Arch and Curl. Soon after that, specially designed wooden equipment was built in order to allow unique freedom of movement. Unlike traditional fitness and pilates equipment, this machine makes the movement travel in spiral and circular paths, developing coordination, strength and flexibility.

In today's stress-ridden society the Gyrotonic workout is attracting more and more athletes, managers, the elderly, people with disabilities and ordinary people trying to find balance in their physical health through movements and breathing. Many of those who have embraced it describe it as a system which actually makes them push themselves beyond their limits in a very balanced way; furthermore, it spurs them to use the power of visualization and thus it increases the body's functional capacity. Basically this workout system increases the circulation through aerobic and cardiovascular stimulation, the lymphatic liquids and circulation of energy. Using the full capacity of the joints in all directions, mobility of the joints is also improved. It increases the elimination of toxins as well as it improves absorption. Moreover, it stimulates and invigorates the nervous system so that many people use it not only for therapeutic purposes, but also to gain insight into the nature of their emotional life. In addition, it mobilises all regions of the spine and relieves its rigidity and stiffness, whilst restoring its function which correlates with internal organs. As it efficiently provides insight into one's own body and inner feelings, it opens new doors to energy pathways improving their balance and coordination.

The foundation movements, the Arch and Curl, are aimed at preparing the body by increasing the work of the heart and lungs (oxygenation and pulse rate); they mobilise the spine and shoulders and awaken an awareness of core strength. By means of the meridian system, flexion, extension and wave-like movements influence the energy flow of the internal organs (kidneys, liver and intestine in particular); moreover, they affect the connection between the bones of the cranium and the sacrum, and balance left and right polarities as well as the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. This philosophy, although it may seem simple, means working hard on yourself over a long period od time. Through these creative, circular and spiral movements in a continuous flow we achieve the feeling of being at home in our body, free of pain, restriction and inhibition so that we can live a happier and fulfilling life.

Why Should professional dancers use Gyrotonic?

The movement system is designed to facilitate Opening of the Joints, (all joints), which in effect means that the muscles that cross a joint are strengthened and coordinated using controlled movement to build strength with freedom of movement. Gyrotonic was developed around the movement of energy in the body, subsequently, the training improves the body's energy flow which is paramount in fluid and effortless dancing.

The various machines used in the system are designed to facilitate movement rather than provide resistance for strength training, thus they provide a safe and gentle venue to work on one's weak areas while providing support for movement, (often not weight bearing). Due to the qualities mentioned above, Gyrotonic training helps to prevent injury, both in training and performing. We highly recommend Gyrotonic training to all Dancers and athletes.

Dr. Renata Mihalic D.C. & Dr. Ken Haboush D.C.


"When I started practicing Gyrotonic, I didn't really know what it was. I thought to myself: „well, yet another machine, yet another exercise method I want to try and learn“. But, when I gave it a go, I realised from the very beginning that it wasn't just another MACHINE. When I did my first arch and curl it was clear to me that it wasn't a classic way of exercising, but my attention was directed to my inner self. Gyrotonic helped me discover places in my body which would otherwise remain hidden. Nothing can escape it and I can't hide anything from it. The Gyrotonic workout helps me align with my true self every time anew...“"
Jadranka Šalov, entrepreneur"
"I am a professional dancer and in Gyrotonic I have found the right balance of strengthening, stretching and cardio work that helps me to prevent injury and keep in shape during and off season. Moreover, Gyrotonic has improved my balance and coordination, and has helped me understand better proper movement mechanics. I use concepts learned in Gyrotonic to actually become a better technician, interpreter and performer."
Ivan Terrazas, profesionalni plesač


Ana-Marija Jagodić Rukavina
As an M. A. in Kinesiology she has dedicated herself to the field of Holistic Medicine, healing the body and soul. She herself is the inventor of the Body technique, a unique way to exercise, and in 2010 she discovered the Gyrotonic method as a great way to heal oneself through movement. She holds a Gyrotonic Level 1 certification after successful completion of the Foundation Teacher Training Course. Combining Gyrotonic and the Body technique she guides a client through a session on the Gyrotonic machine.
Sara Grdan
is certified in Gyrokinesis® and Gyrotonic®, and has successfully completed the Specialized Equipment Training on the Leg Extension Unit and the Jumping-Stretching Board; other than that, she is a professional dancer. Sara discovered the Gyrotonic Expansion System in 2003 and has been practicing ever since. In 2007 she began studying at Gyrotonic Manhattan in New York and became a qualified trainer in 2010, and her head mentors were Sebastian Plattenberg and Erika Hassan.


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