Kinesiology Academy of the Body Technique

The Kinesiology Academy of the Body Technique was founded in 2006 with the aim of spreading the complex Body technique education program. Attendees of the Body Instructor training program gain both general and more specific subject-matter knowledge. The curriculum consists of seven units (one of theory and six practice units), and classes are held in small groups on weekends. After each teaching unit, the participants get a certfication that enables them to run their own practices on their premises and under the frachisor's umbrella.
Our open-hearted and deeply committed teachers pass knowledge on to attendees coming from different professions. Individual adaptability has been implemented quite successfully in small groups of up to ten people.
Having successfully completed all seven units, attendees take the theory and practical tests and gain the title of Body Instructor. The Kinesiology Academy Body Technique Certification entitles the instructor to work by Body Technique standards, and is acknowledged by the Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Zagreb. The level of education is equal to the level of a high school graduate and is recorded in a work booklet. (Approved by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports).


Teaching Plan

Education is divided into seven units and the program takes 18 to 20 months to complete. Particular stress is laid on the acquisition of practical skills and a certain number of practical lessons is mandatory between theory lessons. There isn't a fixed number of lessons because this depends on each student's previous preparation and ability to acquire new skills.The progress in acquired knowledge and skills is discussed and analysed in each subsequent educational unit.
The units follow a hierarchical scheme and none of them can be omitted.

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0. Subject-specific theoretical base
1. Body Technique basic principles
2. Basic Body Technique workout with weights and wooden exercise equipment
3. Basic Body Technique exercises with a fitness ball
4. The "Body Slim" Program using spinning bikes and acupressure accessories
5. The Advanced Body Course with elastic resistance bands
6. The Body Technique meeting the needs of special populations (children, adolescents, pregnant women)

The Cost of Educational Programs

The payment of each teaching unit is due before the start date, which is arranged by mutual agreement, and the cost amounts to EUR 500,00.
Payments to the Kinesiology Academy of the Body Technique are made via bankgiro account no 2340009-1110241795 supplied with your tax credit reference number (your ID number) and the purpose of payment (grade of education). The price includes: the book about the Body Technique, the master's degree thesis written by the innovator and the final examination, the date of which is set up in advance for each generation.
Candidates wishing to postpone the scheduled date for the first examination are required to pay additional kn 400 to do the exam in the next final examination period. The required reading list includes (besides the film "Basics of Pilates Body Technique") the book "Body Technique – a Unique Way of Exercise" and a series of brochures "Body Technique Exercises for a Perfect Belly, Butt and Legs" written by Ana-Marija Jagodić Rukavina.


License Renewal Process

The training program attendee gains the title of Body Instructor after:
• he/she passes the theory exam which focuses on core competencies in accordance with the KABT curriculum.
• he/she has attended all practical sessions of the training program
• he/she has done his/her practical work both autonomously and under surveillance in accordance with the KABT curriculum.
• he/she has passed his/her theory and practical exam in the presence of KABT examiners.

The validity period of a Body Instructor license is for a period of two years from issuance and is subject to renewal. The Body Instructor status is proven by the ID card and the stamp which is valid for two years and issued by KABT upon completion of the test together with the Training Certification. Please note that for issuance of the Certification you have to submit an application and the following supporting documents: your high school diploma, the Certificate of Citizenship and/or your birth certificate.
During the two-year period the Body Technique Instructor is obliged to attend and actively participate in professional meetings organised by KABT and by doing so, he collects points. To renew the license, it is necessary to collect 12 points. In the 2-year period a Body Instructor can collect even more points than necessary to renew the license. If the Body Instructor collects more points than necessary, not more than 2 points can be transferred to the immediate following interval.

KABT Professional Meetings Points System
  • 1. theory and practice workshops (2 x a year)2 points
  • 2. the Body day (once a year) 1 point
  • 3. the convention (once in two years)3 points
  • 4. franchise business summer camp (only for franchise employees, once a year)3 points
  • 5. license renewal seminar (once a year) mandatory!3 points



"It's really amazing how willing and motivated the teachers are to pass on their knowledge to their students. Nothing is taught "ex-cathedra", the teachers exude energy and positive vibes. I find it truly inspiring..."
Jana Štimac, Zaprešić
"Here I am, as always, while things are still fresh, I'm thrilled to bits!!! As always, after your demonstrations, I'm over the moon because I'm part of this team, a quality team above all and we think big! Now I can finally say that I have built up my self-confidence and reached a new level of it. Unfortunately, this is something that only people in the Body world can really grasp."
Morena Poglajen Carić, Pula
"I've been attending workshops like this for years and each time I'm amazed at the amount of information which is new to me. Thank you..."
Mira Pivčić, Zagreb
"A practical approach to problem solving, which Anamarija cherishes, is something that motivates me to improve what I'm doing in my own practice..."
Sandra Tomić, Banja Luka
"Participants are divided into small groups so the teachers are fully committed to ensuring that every single student reaches his or her full potential. Real value for money..."
Špela Perc, Ljubljana
"Lifelong learning has become the "conditio sine qua non" in today's world. The Kinesiology Academy of the Body Technique makes it possible for me..."
Natali Jurašin, Split
Lesson Plans

If you want to invest in your knowledge, you can choose between:

1. A two-year Body Instructor Training Program and/or

2. Intensive one-day (or weekend) workshops which provide a hands-on approach and can serve as an effective complement to any sports activity, recreation or rehabilitation that you are involved in. Within the topics that vary throughout the year, there are workshops on how to get maximum efficiency out of specific pieces of equipment, on a comprehensive approach to the treatment of joints, and on how to design optimal functional training programs.

Lesson Plan Overview and
other Seminar Plans

Ana Marija Jagodić Rukavina

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