PBS Pula

The PBS Centre for Sports Excellence operates at the following locations:

PBS Zagreb
Jurkovićeva 19, Zagreb, Hrvatska (Croatia)
tel: +385 1 4621 456
email: info@pbs.com.hr

PBS Pula
Medulinska cesta 41, Pula, Hrvatska (Croatia)
tel: +385 52 382 777
email: pula@pbs.com.hr

PBS Lošinj
Vitality hotel Punta, Mali Lošinj, Hrvatska (Croatia)
tel: +385 51 662 000
email: hotel-punta@jadranka.t-com.hr

PBS Kranj
Britov 292, Kranj, Slovenija (Slovenia)
tel: +386 40 784 131
email: barbara@teoael.si


Barbara Tavčar
Barbara Tavčar

PBS Kranj, Slovenia

"My love of movement brought me to the Body Technique, a unique workout that not only keeps me fit but also makes me a better person day by day. It is my absolute passion to help my clients and to see their progress. They trust me and that's my biggest reward."

Barbara, who earned a BA in Organizational Management and was born on Nov. 21, 1979 in Kranj, has always been interested in sports. Her passion for sports began when she was a child – she spent five years skiing at the professional level and then she found herself drawn to dance. While in high school and during her university studies, Barbara gained eight years experience conducting group exercise classes and working as an aerobics instructor. When she found out that most of the popular recreational activities were losing focus of their primary goal, which is to improve the client's mental and physical health, she began a search for a new path. She got acquainted with Ana-Marija and the Body Technique when, considering the growing interest in Pilates, she decided to take the Education Class. The deciding factors to open the first Pilates Body Studio franchise in 2004 in Slovenia for Barbara are the following: Ana-Marija's unselfish willingness to share her knowledge and experience, therapeutic procedures that meet all the requirements of a health-oriented approach to physical activity and finally, her ongoing education in the art and continuous advancement of Body Instructors.

Since then she is considered the founder of the Body Technique in Slovenia. In 2005 Barbara started teacher training to become a Master Body Instructor. The title gives evidence of her professional competence and enables her to teach future generations of Body Instructors. The Education Classes take place at Pilates Body Studio in Kranj and Zagreb.
The Pilates Body Studio in Kranj is open on weekdays from 7 to 11 a.m. and from 2 to 10 p.m., on Saturday upon agreement.
Barbara is always willing to adapt to her clients' needs and therefore she offers the following:
• Small Group Training (up to 7 people), divided into three levels of intensity
• Fixed-hour classes are available either in the morning, afternoon, or evening
• Individual Programs are meant for recreational population, high-level athletes and people with muscle & bone problems
• Manipulative therapy (Passive stretching) and relaxation
• Group and Individual Program for pregnant women, new mothers and their babies
• Relaxation massage treatment
• tretmani masaže i opuštanja


Morena Poglajen Carić
Morena Poglajen Carić

PBS Pula, Croatia

"Now, going back in time three or four years ago, when I remember my first encounter with the Body Technique, I knew right away that it would be in my life forever, alongside my family. Everything has come together really nicely, and I have grown so fast in my knowledge and experience that sometimes I forget all modesty and admit to myself that day after day I make, learn and create a new standard – the Body Technique."

Morena is a nurse. From an early age her love was split between a healthcare career and dancing, which she actively performed and taught in Pula and Pazin. In 1999 she discovered the fitness world where all her interests were put together - her love of the body, movement and health. After twelve years of experience and upon completion of a fitness instructor training course, Morena opened the Sunset centre in Pula.
Because of the changing trends in recreation programs, the primary purpose of recreational activities is often overlooked or even lost altogether and that is the improvement and preservation of health. A turning point for Morena was meeting Ana-Marija Jagodić Rukavina and the Body Technique. The fusion of knowledge, the exercise method that covers all the components of health-related fitness combined with creativity and the continuing professional development of Body Instructors led her to open the PBS Centre for Sports Excellence in 2007 in Pula.

The PBS Pula is open on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., and on Saturday upon agreement. Mojca is always willing to adapt to her clients' needs and therefore she offers the following:
• Small Group Training, divided into different levels of intensity
• Daily programs. Morning, afternoon and evening hours
• Individual, Corrective therapeutic, Recreational, Fitness and Weight Loss Programs
• Program for pregnant women and for moms with their babies