• We do research, introduce and apply new knowledge in
    the field of holistic and functional exercise called
    the Body Technique.
  • We teach our clients to have a good posture in such a way
    that we raise their awareness of muscle atrophy caused by school
    or job-related static loads.
  • We can prevent and remove pain syndrome as well as
    bone and joint defects without using medications, vaccines or
    other invasive methods.
  • We don't copy and paste, but create and pioneer exercise programs
    with fitness challenges that are tailored to our exercisers' ability level,
    be it top-level sport, recreation or rehabilitation.
  • Through diagnostics we can detect potential imbalances
    and the real causes of various physical disorders.
  • Our goal is to always meet our clients' needs and desires.
    Therefore, we are pleased to offer individual, group or educational programs.
PBS Centre for Sports Excellence

The PBS Centre for Sports Excellence, established at the beginning of 2003 by Ana-Marija and Tomislav Rukavina, is an institution in which functional exercises are performed in order to achieve optimal conditions and well-being across all age groups. Besides all of the classical pilates equipment and other sports equipment as well as various apparatus (disc-o-sit, rings, rollers, mini skateboard,gravity, hoops etc.), the Body technique has more than 3000 different exercises that are programmed by qualified body instructors following strictly written standards of the technique itself. Every class is, therefore, differently designed for our members and aimed at the faster quality improvement of anthropological, physiological, physical and psychomotor dimensions of the body. In addition to exercising, you can choose from a list of amenities like massages and body treatments, which are recommended in today's stressful and fast-paced way of life. Apart from previously cited activities, the Centre avails of the diagnostics and rehabilitation of the muscle-joint system, ultrasound, laser and electrotherapy, expert consultation and workshop as well as the whole educational programme of the Kinesiology Academy of the Body Technique. For our members, the PBS Centre is the place in which exercise is a pleasure because it fulfils individual desires and needs in a friendly and comfortable environment. Compared to a loud fitness centre,the PBS Centre for Sports Exellence embodies your own personal place to go for rehabilitation, recreation and sports activities. There you will find Body Instructors who strive to meet your individual needs on a daily basis.



Body instructor,
B. A. in Kinesiology

While studying at the university, Renata succesfully swapped her dance experience for the role of an aerobics and fitness instructor. One of the first students of Ana-Marija's School of the Body Technique Education, as an open-minded and very creative person, she has been applying her knowledge ever since at PBS. She is currently persuing her Master's degree at the Faculty of Kinesiology. The role of a happily married woman and mother of three helps her balance her personal and professional life.

Body instructor

Klaudija is a dental hygienist, having completed three years of education at the Faculty of Dentistry. After ten years of classical ballet, her childhood dream to become a ballet dancer was replaced by physical activity and health care. The utmost love for her son, together with her love of dance and music as well as her typical Dalmatian communicativeness, she combined them all into one – a Body Instructor. Through active partecipation and unselfish dedication Klaudija successfully promotes our active living philosophy.

Body instructor,
B. A. in Agriculture

Janja has been involved in dance since childhood. She practiced ballet first, then turned to modern and jazz dance. Lately Janja has become interested in oriental and tribal dance, which she is now actively involved in. Gradually, she started passing her love of dance on to other people and in 2006 started working as a dance teacher. After discovering the Body technique, Janja entered the Kinesiology Academy of the Body Technique. Upon its completion, she joined the PBS team.


By expanding our activities to include both massages and body treatments, Dijana with her long-term experience in therapeutic massage has joined the PBS team. After working with different groups of sportsmen like water polo players, swimmers, track and field athletes and handballers, Dijana decided to start working with the recreational population and became a full member of the Centre in the summer of 2007.

Body instructor,
B. A. in Kinesiology

A long-term rowing practice and his love of physical activity brought him to enter the Faculty of Kinesiology where he specializes in the area of kinesitherapy. By the end of 2008, as an undergraduate, he joined our team. Besides his faculty duties, Karlo works on rehabilitation by using kinesitherapy and sports massage as well as he is busy working with our recreational population. He manages to put well together his knowledge and experience in kinesitherapy on the one hand and the exercises and philosophy of the Body Technique on the other.


Body instructor,
B. A. in Kinesiology

Professor of Kinesiology, who has been very active in many sports (gymnastics, swimming, handball, football) ever since he was a child. Krešimir complements his love of physical activity by winning several university medals in various disciplines. During the college days, Krešimir was a football player, and he specialize football course, after all. After graduation, Krešimir spent some time as a coach with recreational population in the fitness center. Willingness to work with people, experience and a desire for new knowledge and skills, prompted him to join the PBS in the fall of 2013.


"Right after the first training I felt fantastic as a result: I felt light as air, more relaxed… all the pressure that had been accumulated within certain muscle compartments was gone and the shoulder that has always been my problem became more mobile and less painful. The training itself can be really hard, however, the feeling afterwards is just fantastic, I feel so light! I continued to practice the Body technique even during the European championship in Zagreb and it helped me an awful lot. Considering my professional engagement abroad during the season, unfortunately, I didn't have the chance to continue training and that's why I use every free moment when I'm back in Croatia to exercise with Ana-Marija! So, a warm recommendation to everyone out there!"
Maja Poljak, Croatia women's national team volleyball player
"Training with Ana-Marija is an experience that overcomes a common exercise experience. Her approach to every single workout session is all-inclusive and she's completely dedicated to her work, which makes you feel fantastic. This is the quality that is very probably hard to find anywhere in the world."
Jadranka Boban Peić, entrepreneur"
About franchising

In response to a number of requests to practice the Body Technique and by opening the Centre for recreation, rehabilitation and sport, the PBS started a franchise business. Our vision is to set up a network of franchise-run studios in all major cities of Croatia and to internationalise our business by expanding into Slovenia, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and further, aiming at promoting a unique way to exercise – the Body Technique.
A franchise is nowadays considered to be the safest way to do business successfully. Every six minutes there is a new franchise opened worldwide. It is believed that franchising is one of the fastest growing business models, which gives another reason to join a franchise system. This type of business ensures the independence of the franchisee as an autonomous legal entity; moreover, one gets the opportunity to start a trusted business, which represents solid ground for a good return on investment.

Why choose PBS Franchise?

By entering the franchise chain of the PBS Centre for Sports Exellence, you get a trusted business that the PBS has built and developed for years and through which it has achieved accolades and recognisability in the fields of health and recreation.
Franchising is one of our key activities and our franchise partners are the key to our success.
The PBS Centre for Sports Exellence conducts a complex educational Body Technique program through the Kinesiology Academy of the Body Technique, acknowledged by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports.
The PBS is constantly interested in finding new partners to promote good health and physical fitness. Running a franchise is an extraordinary challenge for anyone who wants to try out his or her entrepreneurial skills. We are willing to provide all-round assistance as a renowned and competent partner dedicated to achieving excellence in the fields of recreation, rehabilitation and sports.


Consultancy Services

Are you in the fitness industry? Have you ever considered trying something new? You want to invest in sports/recreational/wellness facilities, but do you really know where to start? If you are refurbishing your hotel and you don't want yet another version of the "same old same old" beauty & spa corner? To answer this type of questions, PBS experts are here to offer you original solutions. It is commonly known that the return on investment for a wellness & spa centre cannot come from a sauna or a pool, but can only be based on carefully designed programs to fit the needs of every single guest. Therefore, the responsibility of the instructor or therapeutist is invaluable when a guest puts himself in his hands and we believe that the key to success is the constant development of his/her professional knowledge. We are willing to offer you the complete know-how to help you define the program and contents of your investment and also find and educate your staff. We are proud to point out our involvement in big company projects in Croatia, like Hidrocommerce in Zagreb and Jadranka hoteli in Mali Lošinj.


Individual class
(duration: 60 minutes)

Group class
(monthly, 45 min. each)

Biodex isokinetic machine - Services
Biodex isokinetic testing of one pair of joints
Massage Treatments


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