Stress and physical tension are inevitable in today's world, so activities that you can enjoy here include not only physical exercise but also revitalizing massages to improve your inner and outer wellbeing. Avail yourselves of healing body treatments to regain your energy and recover from balance disorders.


Sports Massage

Sports massage reduces all harmful and undesired side effects of intense physical exercise. All training programs should include this type of massage on a rational and continuous basis.

Classical Massage

Light massage with somewhat softer effects than a sports massage. Long strokes stimulate circulation, reduce stress and muscle pain.

Anti Cellulite Massage

Anti cellulite massage penetrates deep into the tissue with the goal of reducing the number of fat cells and improving blood circulation; it helps restore elasticity and tone to connective tissue while it also stimulates the excretion of waste products from the organism.

Hot Stone

This outstanding therapy uses stones formed by sedimentation of minerals and volcanic activities. Due to thermal conductivity (heat transfer), not only do they warm the body parts currently being treated, but also create changes in the whole body and in energy centres responsible for the balance between body and mind.

Lipo-X Treatments

Lipo Gel is a preparation containing caffeine, theophylline and guarana which has an amazing effect of dissolving fat in cells resulting in reduced body circumference and body shape changes. The treatment consists of applying Lipo Gel to the skin, wrapping the body in an electric blanket and an anti cellulite massage.

Ginger Compresses

This old time healing method provides all types of pain relief (rheumatism, arthritis, spasms). It can also be helpful in treating certain types of inflammation and in removing harmful chemicals from your body (fats, proteins, minerals). Its deep-heating effect relaxes your body and soul. By restoring and increasing the circulation of blood as well as other body fluids, and by getting rid of wastes, we feel refreshed and renewed.



An ultrasound machine can be used for both cosmetic and therapeutic purposes. Therapeutic ultrasound refers to the application of ultrasound energy to curative purposes. Depending on how it is applied (either continuous or pulsed), its thermal and non-thermal effects are being used. With continuous ultrasound the affected area is heated, muscle spasms are reduced, tissue regeneration is enhanced (the elasticity of collagen tissue is increased) and, consequently, the feeling of pain is reduced. With pulsed ultrasound, however, non-thermal effects are achieved, that is the tissue is not heated, so this method enables us to use ultrasound even for acute injuries.
The effects of therapeutic ultrasound are mechanical, thermal and biochemical. It is used in the management of soft tissue disfunctions, including joint contractures, scar tissue, degenerative joint changes, the inflammation of fluid-filled sacs in the joints, spasm and pain in skeletal muscles, inflamed tendons, painful spinal conditions, sports injuries.

For cosmetic purposes, continuous ultasound is used at a frequency of up to 1500 kHz. By means of an ultrasonic probe, the beams are directed to cellulite-stricken areas, where they provoke vibrations and make reflections in the tissue, resulting in enhanced biological activity. This energy produces thermal effects as well as it induces melting of fat, stimulates draining of excess liquids, fosters the regeneration of the skin, improves blood circulation, thereby helping to noticeably reduce cellulite.


Electrotherapy is the use of various kinds of electrical impulses aimed at improving blood flow, enhancing neuromuscular transmission as well as it focuses on strenghtening the atrophic muscular system. It has proven to be highly effective in reducing pain as it raises our pain threshold and blocks the transmission of pain impulses to the brain. All electrotherapeutic protocols are carried out using up to date computerized machinery which is pre-programmed in accordance with the diagnosis and pain intensity (acute, subacute or chronic). Electrotherapy is used to treat sports injuries, in case of blood circulation problems, spine and joint pain, neuralgia, muscle and nerve weakness or disorders.

We are pleased to offer you the following electrotherapeutic modalities:
- pulsed current treatments
- galvanic current therapy
- diadynamic currents therapy
- interferential current therapy
- electrical stimulation of nerves and muscles


Organic Facial Treatment

The Organic Pharmacy Crystal Beauty treatment is a facial therapy in which the most effective anti-aging and intensely hydrating products are used. The therapy has a soothing, detoxifying and deeply nourishing effect and is highly beneficial in preventing premature aging. This is also demonstrated by the fact that it was rated 9 out of 10 by magazines like Vogue, Tatler, Top Sante, and also according to the Organic Pharmacy celebrity reviews. Because of these products' potential, this facial therapy is also called natural Botox.

This luxurious 90-minute therapy includes breathing, profound cleansing, skin care, anti-aging masks, the acupressure facelift massage, lymphatic massage and crystal healing, which detoxify the skin and reduce swelling by increasing lymph flow and blood circulation.

The therapy starts with deep breathing, inhaling essential oils, which gets oxygen into the body and helps kick start the relaxation process. When relaxed, your face looks younger and fresher. This is followed by profound cleansing, the skin analysis and a conversation with your therapist about the treatment you desire and skin-related problems.

Then the therapist spreads a rose petal mask on your face to exfoliate and unblock clogged pores. Afterwards, ice cold muslin bags or cloths are gently placed over the face to stimulate the excretion of toxins and skin regeneration. Your feet are wrapped in a hot towel and massaged with detoxifying oil – a blend of anise oil, grapefruit and blueberries – to soothe swollen ankles and activate your body.

Next, one of three masks is applied. While the seaweed and clay absorb excess oil, the therapist massages your body with rose and jasmine essential oil and your hands and palms with lemon and neem oil. Acupressure points and lymph drainage stimulate the blood circulation and improve skin tone,

while rose quartz crystal and antioxidant serum refresh and hydrate for luminous, glowing skin.

After that, the therapist spreads the second one - honey and jasmine mask: the first moisturizes and the latter has an anti-aging effect. The mask is applied onto your cleavage, shoulders, neck and face followed by a massage. You will feel the tension disappear and experience profound relaxation.

Finally, the third and last is a collagen fibre mask which helps maintain tissue tone and reinforces the skin. It is followed by a head and scalp massage. Then the therapist applies an antioxidant gel serum, which has a dramatic effect,

followed by the best moisturizing cream suitable for your skin type – in short, Botox in a box.

And lastly, the therapist gives home care instructions which, if need be, involve the use of herbal extracts and other dietary supplements. Eventually, man is what he eats, and body care is about much more than the pursuit of gorgeous skin.

You can book your treatment by calling 01 4621455. We remain at your service and would be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

O.P.I. Hand Care

Your hands play an important role in how others perceive you and also say a lot about you. Well-groomed nails are one of the first things that people notice. Taking proper care of your hands is very important for both aesthetic and hygienic reasons. For this purpose we use O.P.I. nail care products. O.P.I., based in Hollywood, is the world's leading brand focused upon the care and maintenance of natural and healthy looking nails.

O.P.I. Foot Care

Our feet are, as we know, daily exposed to strain and many dangers while carrying us through our lives. Give them the appreciation they deserve because healthy and well-groomed feet affect our overall sense of well-being. The main objectives of foot care are to protect your feet and toenails and to prevent injuries. In order to keep your feet healthy, it is necessary to ensure proper care of them at least once a month. We use O.P.I. foot care products for this purpose, the world's leading brand based in Hollywood.


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