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31.10. – 2.11.2014. - path took us to Rome
Our Ana-Marija successfully introduced Body technique at an international convention in Rome. She held theoretical - practical lectures to a pilates instructors and other experts in the field of sports, recreation and rehabilitation. Photos are in the gallery. Congratulations!
29.11. - Workshop „Communication and coordination between the internal and external body unit“ was held
Our Ana-Marija gave a very inspiring and practically applicable education about "internal body unit" and its importance for the overall welfare, as well as the necessity of its communications with the external neuromuscular unit. Becoming aware of the muscles that are really important in all aspects of our daily lives, yet largely neglected, Ana-Marija made entertaining and simple. Participants acquire useful knowledge, that tomorrow can be applied with their clients. Thanks to Ana-Marija and participants on a large turnout. Photos are in the gallery.


Functional squat
Stand slightly wider than your hips, aligned feet, upright back and arms by side.

1. While you inhale, putting shoulder blades together and contracting the glutes, lower your body slowly to the deep squat and lift your hands high above your shoulders
2. Through exhale, go back to the starting position by pushing the heels into the substrate.
3. Repeat the exercise 8-10 times.

Make sure your knees are above feet, also heels should be on the floor and arms, shoulders and hips are in straight line. You'll feel strong contraction of buttocks when your body goes up.