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Discover the most common causes of your ailments and how to get rid of them.

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Isokinetic testing, measurements and exercises.

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Learn more about individual, group and special Body Technique programs.

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for a top athlete

You are dissatisfied with your results, you are often injured, you cannot cope with the growing demands of sports. Maybe you’re doing something wrong and not aware? Or you just can’t recover well after a workout. You can find all the answers to the questions in our PBS centre. We recommend a complete body examination with state-of-the-art Biodex diagnostics.

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What do our clients say?

Jadranka Boban Peić
"Exercising with Ana-Maria is an experience that goes beyond the usual exercise experience. She approaches every workout in a comprehensive way and is fully committed to the work, which makes a person feel fantastic. It's a quality that's probably hard to find worldwide."
Simonida Veber
"Already the first arrival at PBS triggered a chain reaction - physical, chemical, and emotional. It was an attraction that grew into the need and, ultimately - love. The energy I get here is irreplaceable. For 13 years."
Slavenka Martinović
"Body technique is my technique, a technique for me. And in all my life stages and states. When I have excess energy or lack of energy, my dear trainers recognise it and adapt to training, and after training, I am full of good energy, goodwill, and fulfilled… Body technique has been my choice for over 12 years. ”
Goga Šepec
"I started at PBS in 2011 and since then I have been compensating my daily obligations and accumulated stress by practicing Body Technique with my sister, as a couple. After a skiing accident in January 2017 and knee surgery, today I am glad to complete the rehabilitation program at the same Center. , exercising on a Biodex device under the supervision and guidance of people I trust. "