Karlo Šimanović

Centre manager
Master Body instructor
Master of Science in Kinesiology

Even as a graduate student at the Faculty of Kinesiology, where he focused on kinesitherapy, in 2008 Karlo became a wheel in the PBS machine. Practical work in our Centre allows him a deeper understanding and connection of physical and psychosocial aspects of man, and his ambition and contribution to the PBS team is based on individual work with clients, diagnostic - rehabilitation segment and educational plan in the role of lecturer at our University. "The continuous professional growth and development provided to me at the PBS Centre and the great working atmosphere are the reasons why I always come to work with a smile," says Karlo, adding: "Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life."

Atja Begonja

Trainee for Master Body instructor
Master of Science in Kinesiology

Atja finds her love for the body and movement as a child, dancing. Over the years, through dance, she became more and more aware of the desire and need to work on the body and movement. Arriving to study in Zagreb, Body Technique opens a new perspective on body movement and observation, and since 2014, after passing the exam at the Kinesiology University, she has joined the PBS team. “Working on my body through the philosophy of Body Technique has given me back exactly the feeling I had while dancing, and now I can pass it on to clients through my work and help them dance in everyday life and their bodies, and, I hope soon as a lecturer, to pass on the philosophy of Body Technique and all the acquired experiences and knowledge to new generations of body instructors because growth and learning are everyday and continuous.”

Janja Glavina

Body instructor
Master of Science in Agronomy

She has been dancing since she was a child. She started with classical ballet, and through modern dance and jazz dance she stopped at oriental and tribal dances, which she still practices today. She began to pass on her love of dance to other people, and in 2006 she started working as a dance instructor. Having discovered Body Technique, Janja enrolled in the Kinesiology School of Body Technique and joined the PBS team upon completion.

Klaudija Čular

Body instructor

She is a medical technician by profession and has completed three years of dental school. After ten years of classical ballet, she replaced her childhood desire to become a ballerina with exercise and health care. With the greatest love for her son, love for dance and music; and typical Dalmatian communication, she successfully combined it into one - a Body instructor. Through his active work and selfless dedication, she successfully promotes our philosophy of active living.

Petra Crnetić

Body instructor
Sound and music therapy technician

Our Petra has always loved to train, and she fell in love with the Body technique "on the first training" which was held by Ana-Marija while she was still pregnant, and she wanted to enroll in the Kinesiology Academy and thus became a Body Instructor two years ago. As he has been dealing with sound for 20 years, of which 15 years. ran a commercial studio and was engaged in sound production, in 2012 together with Ana-Maria developed the first project as a new approach to movement in a combination of different sound frequencies for the purpose of psycho-physical and mental health called "Body Healing Story”.

Zdravka Škrinjar

Body instructor

After a long series of years spent in the corporate world, she decides to make a big change and directs her further path towards kinesiology. She has been dancing for many years, so she enriched her love for movement, sports and music with a diploma from the Kinesiology Academy of Body Technique, and in 2018 she joined the PBS team. She met the body technique a long time ago as an exerciser, and now she is proud to promote it as a Body instructor.

Leona Vukmirović

Body instructor
Master of Science in Kinesiology
Ski instructor

Leona has been constantly active since she was little. She went through many sports and stayed in athletics for a long time, where as a junior she competed for the national team in mountain running. During the completion of her studies, while skiing with the PBS centre's Junior ski school, Leona gets acquainted with the Body technique and realises its importance, breadth of action and creative and holistic approach to man through conscious movement and breath.
Shortly afterward, in 2018, she successfully passed the exam for a Body instructor and continues to work and develop right here, in the PBS centre of sports excellence.

Dijana Ključanin


Dijana, with many years of experience in therapeutic massage, joins the PBS team by expanding its business to massages and body treatments. Working with different groups of athletes such as water polo players, swimmers, athletes and handball players, Dijana decided to join the work with the recreational population and became a full member of the centre in the summer of 2007.

Elvis Hodžić

Body instructor

Elvis became acquainted with the Body technique many years ago, but for the last four years, he has been working intensively and acting as a member of the PBS team. He has been successfully dancing for more than 20 years, and he upgraded his acquired dance knowledge and skills with the philosophy of Body technique in the direction of injury prevention, preparation for competitions, and even better awareness of his own body.

Tomislav Štrk

Body instructor
Master of Science in Kinesiology

From an early age, Tomislav enjoys sports and active life, engaging in various sports such as athletics, taekwondo, but he is most satisfied with football and ice hockey. He joined the PBS team at the end of 2016, and describes the Body technique as follows: "It's the best way to exercise that a person has to try because it connects the mind and body at the same time." He enjoys working with positive people and looks forward to making progress with them.

Krešimir Schiel

Body instructor
Master of Science in Kinesiology

From an early age he was very active in many sports (gymnastics, swimming, handball, football). He complements his love of exercise by winning several university medals in various disciplines. During his studies, he actively plays football, which he directs. After graduation, Krešo worked for some time as a manager in a fitness centre with a recreational population. With the acquired experience and willingness to work with people, and the desire for new knowledge and skills, he joined PBS in the fall of 2013.