PBS Kranj

Barbara Tavčar

PBS Kranj, Slovenia

“My love for movement has led me to the Body technique, a unique exercise with which I not only keep myself in better shape, but it seems to me that I am becoming a better person day by day. I love the feeling that, following their progress, I am helping my exercisers. The trust they show me is the greatest reward for all my efforts.
I can say with certainty that it is definitely much more than just a way of exercising, it is a philosophy that changes my view of body and life on a daily basis, and then everyone around me. I love that kind of life :) ”


Barbara Tavčar (org. Manager), was born on November 21, 1979. in Kranj, and has always lived for sports. She became acquainted with top sports in her early childhood - she trained skiing for five years, and after that she was attracted to dancing. She gained eight years of experience in high school and during her studies leading group exercises as an aerobics instructor. When she realized that most of the existing recreational activities are losing their basic goal, and the goal is a better psychophysical condition of the users, she looked for a new path. She came into contact with Ana-Marija and the Body technique when, due to her growing interest in Pilates, she decided to get an education. The knowledge and expertise that Ana-Marija shares with her selflessness, therapeutic technique that meets all criteria of health fitness, continuous education, and advancement of Body technique instructors, were decisive factors on the basis of which Barbara opened the first PBS Centre franchise in Slovenia in 2004. Since then, she is considered the founder of the Body technique in Slovenia. In 2005, she began training for the title of Master Body instructor. The title gives her the right and professional qualifications to educate the next generations of Body instructors. She conducts trainings in PBS Centres of Sports Excellence in Kranj and Zagreb.

PBS CENTRE Kranj is open every working day from 6.30 to 22.00 and on Saturdays by appointment. It adapts to the trainees and their needs and offers the following programs:
• exercise in small groups (maximum 8 exercisers) in three levels of intensity
• fixed dates are available in the morning, afternoon and evening - training in small groups with a maximum of 4 trainees
• individual programs for the recreational population, top athletes and people with musculoskeletal disorders and difficulties
• program of manipulative-passive stretching and relaxation
• group and individual program for pregnant women and mothers with babies
• massage and relaxation treatments
• BHS workshops

PBS Pula

Morena Poglajen Carić

PBS Pula

“Thirteen years have passed since the first contact with the Body technique. Discovering, learning about the human body, movement, mind, soul and the power of the hidden universe that each being carries within, develops and manifests in a unique way through its posture, movement, and emotions - this is the Body technique, its philosophy and method of exercise brought to me personally and much more to all to whom I convey it in my work. I am grateful for the moment of the decision to leave my business journey to her. It is more of a whole life's wonderful and exciting journey that always rediscovers and brings experiences and knowledge that are ahead of today's time, allows that time at work is not work but a challenge, passion, and joy."


Morena is a nurse by profession. From an early age, she shared her love for the health profession with her passion for dance, which she actively practiced and taught in Pula and Pazin. In 1995, she discovered the world of fitness, which connected all her interests with her love of the body, exercise and health care. After twelve years of experience and training as a fitness trainer, in 2004 she opened the Sunset Center in Pula.

Due to changing trends in recreational exercise programs, the primary goal of recreational activity, which is to improve and preserve health, is often neglected or completely lost. Therefore, Morena's meeting with Ana-Marija Jagodić Rukavina and Body technique was a real discovery. The combination of knowledge, exercise techniques that affects all levels of health fitness, creativity and the need for continuous training of body instructors, initiated the opening of the PBS Centre of Sports Excellence in Pula in 2007.

PBS Pula is open every working day from 7 am to 10 pm and on Saturdays by appointment. It adapts to the trainees and their needs and offers the following programs:
• exercise in small and controlled groups of different intensities
• individual trainings, in pairs or small groups of up to four participants for all health problems, health improvement or better controlled recreational approach to exercise
• manipulative-passive relaxation program
specialized programs for incontinence problems, overweight, pregnant women, children, pain relief

PBS Hvar - summer destination

Ana-Marija Jagodić Rukavina

PBS Hvar

“Be aware with us, use the power of nature to regain your strength and start the processes of revitalization of the organism. Visit our site for more information and programs. ”


PBS summer camp is located on one of the 15 most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic. In the camp Grebišće in Jelsa. It is designed to regenerate, raise energy and heal the body from work obligations during the year. The body technique we offer is an original Croatian way of exercising that is registered and protected by the Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Croatia. It is practiced in Croatia, Slovenia, Greece, Italy, Austria and Serbia. We provide all services outdoors, by the sea and in the sea with various props and aids. Our intention is to bring you closer to yourself, ie the natural needs of your body in an environment of beautiful colors, smells, scenes and sounds. This is the best place and moment to finally do something for yourself and learn to breathe properly, relieve your spine from tension and pain, learn to relax and maybe even dance. All our contents are aimed at active or passive activation of vital energy and detoxification of the organism, which raises immunity and your working abilities. The results are immediately visible as soon as your posture shows because it is a reflection of your vitality.

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What do our clients say?

Jadranka Boban Peić
"Exercising with Ana-Maria is an experience that goes beyond the usual exercise experience. She approaches every workout in a comprehensive way and is fully committed to the work, which makes a person feel fantastic. It's a quality that's probably hard to find worldwide."
Simonida Veber
"Already the first arrival at PBS triggered a chain reaction - physical, chemical, and emotional. It was an attraction that grew into the need and, ultimately - love. The energy I get here is irreplaceable. For 13 years."
Slavenka Martinović
"Body technique is my technique, a technique for me. And in all my life stages and states. When I have excess energy or lack of energy, my dear trainers recognise it and adapt to training, and after training, I am full of good energy, goodwill, and fulfilled… Body technique has been my choice for over 12 years. ”
Goga Šepec
"I started at PBS in 2011 and since then I have been compensating my daily obligations and accumulated stress by practicing Body Technique with my sister, as a couple. After a skiing accident in January 2017 and knee surgery, today I am glad to complete the rehabilitation program at the same Center. , exercising on a Biodex device under the supervision and guidance of people I trust. "